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Bookkeeping &

Strategic Planning

for Small Business



Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

Strategic Planning

Congratulations, you opened your business!  Now what?!

PECO Arts can help you understand what's working for your business, and what might be holding you back. Together, we will analyze opportunities and create solutions to maximize your success.

In addition, PECO Arts can help facilitate strategic plans and leadership & Board of Directors Retreats.


Bookkeeping & Advisory Services

  • Financial Reporting & Dashboards

  • Budget Preparation

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Recording of Cash Receipts

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Payroll Support

CFO Services

When a small business grows, you may hit a point where you need more financial management or oversight, but you're not ready or able to hire a Chief Financial Officer.

PECO Arts can provide CFO services on a part time basis, allowing you to have the oversight you need at a cost your company can afford.



Meet Ben

Ben Richgruber has over 25 years of leadership experience in small business, hospitality, tourism, events, and non-profit organizations. He has helped open or manage five hotels, three movie theaters, and a performing arts center.  He even spent a little time working at Walt Disney World just to be sure he was doing it right.

As the Executive Director of a performing arts center, Ben transformed an annual operating loss into a profit in just a few short years, ultimately retiring the mortgage and leaving the organization debt free. Through aggressive marketing he increased annual ticket revenue, donations, and overall artistic capacity of events.


During his time in hospitality he increased guest satisfaction, employee retention and overall profitability for multiple hotel properties. He implemented new training programs for a multi-cultural staff, and managed the grand opening of a 400 person banquet facility.

As a member of multiple community and economic development teams Ben was instrumental in the development of a new $60M arts center, a $4M boutique hotel renovation, and the reinvention of a jazz festival.


Ben has been a volunteer and Board Member with over a dozen non-profit organizations including Chambers of Commerce, tourism bureaus, music and book festivals and downtown improvement entities.

Ben Richgruber, Founder, PECO Arts

When he's not partnering with small business owners Ben is also an artist. Working primarily in fused and cast glass, (though comfortable enough to be dangerous in ceramics as well), Richgruber enjoys the process of creating something unique and new. You can see all of his artwork at



"Working with Ben was a game changer for me as I transitioned from my primarily non-profit career into starting a small business."

Matt Swigart
Soar Tennis



Let’s Work Together

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