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Get Creative with your Signage

You’ve got them all over your business…signs. Restrooms, Employees Only, Line Starts Here…the same boring old signs on the same boring old plastic tiles.


A broken bowl.
Even a sign for the bathroom can be a chance to reinforce your brand.

Every one of those signs is a chance to remind your customers and your staff about who you are as a business. These should all be branded. They could have your logo or convey your culture and attitudes. The bathroom sign above is from a great little beach bar I saw on vacation. Fun, effective, and an otherwise mundane sign just became MEMORABLE. And tink about materials too. I’ve seen hand-painted directions at a hotel, and carved wood and etched glass. Yes, I know they cost more, but these are marketing opportunities and should be treated as such.

As we deal with Covid 19 our business will have even more signs. Get creative! Instead of a boring masking tape “X” to keep us 6 feet apart, what else could you put there? Logos instead of dots? Maybe each one is a trivia question, or together they all tell a story. The possibilities are endless, so have some fun with it!

PECO Arts helps small business do business by providing management, marketing and bookkeeping support. Let us know how we can help you succeed.

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