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Marketing is all about telling your story. 

There are a lot of companies out there that can design a website or crank out some digital ads for you, but here at PECO Arts our comprehensive business experience ensures that those individual projects are part of your master plan.

Social Media


Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and so many more - Social media helps grow your credibility and bring people to your business, both organically and through paid advertising.



Email marketing continues to be one of the BEST ways to reach your customers. With timely, relevant messages, PECO Arts will make sure your brand name is always top of mind.



Website design, display ads, search ads, blogs and more - Our Google certified experts will use detailed analytics to find your customers and talk to them where they are.

Traditional Marketing

Print, television and radio continue to be marketing workhorses. PECO Arts will help you with design, writing copy, ad purchasing and placement.

PECO Arts has over 20 years of experience marketing small businesses, events, and non-profit organizations.


Whether you need a new website, an updated marketing plan, or you need a professional to help execute the work, PECO Arts is the solution to your marketing needs.

Some specific marketing accomplishments include:

  • Develop brand and assist in execution of marketing plan for boutique hotel renovation

  • Supervise sales & marketing efforts for new banquet & conference center

  • Increase earned revenue by introducing and reinforcing dynamic and tiered pricing models for a large non-profit organization

  • Collaborate with local government leaders to promote and position a successful voter referendum platform

  • Increase revenue for a large organization through marketing contracts with partner organizations

  • Develop reliable audience segments based on sales patterns to exceed goals for numerous major events

  • Aggressively market to exceed subscription and single ticket sales goals for a non-profit arts center

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