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You've made your dream business

a reality.

PECO Arts will help you put the right systems and structures in place to keep it that way. 

Organizational Structures

Whether you're starting a new business or your organization is growing and changing, there are a lot of moving parts. PECO will ensure you've got the right systems to succeed.

-Corporate Culture

-Organizational Behavior

-Staffing Structures

-Hiring Staff vs. Contractors

-Systems & Software

-and so much more

Strategic Plans

It's easy to get swept up in the day to day act of running your organization, but to be successful you need to think ahead. 

Your strategic plan will help you keep those long term goals in motion.

Ironically, having a long term plan will also make you more nimble in the short term, too. If you know where you're going, you can more easily change the route if things get off track.

Marketing Plans

A terrific product or service won’t do any good if your customers or clients don’t know about it.


Your marketing plan will help define your best prospects, and create a comprehensive plan to turn them into customers.

The world of marketing changes almost daily, but having a plan in place will help you navigate those changes without losing your customers along the way. 

Customer Service

Customer service is the KEY to running a successful business. After you’ve invested time and money to create something special, and fine tuned a marketing plan to entice people to your door, a bad experience can stop everything in its tracks.


We all have memories of exceptional service, times we felt like VIPs. With the right planning and training, your team can create a culture of service that ensures everyone will place your experience in that same list. 

PECO Arts has over 20 years of experience managing small businesses, events, and non-profit organizations.

If you're starting a new business, or taking a step back to develop the one you've got, PECO Arts is the partner you need to provide insight and help chart a path for success.

Some specific management accomplishments include:

  • Work with hotel development team to create sustainable financial and programming models based on best and innovative industry practices 

  • Increased hotel guest satisfaction scores by creating service and incentive programs in alignment with brand standards

  • Develop, support and implement new engagement and education opportunities for non profit arts center

  • Conducted strategic planning sessions to engage, support and develop board and committee members for a major non-profit organization

  • Conducted needs assessment with community partners for major downtown development project

  • Worked collaboratively with local government leaders, to promote and position downtown redevelopment projects for successful city and county committee, board and voter referendum results

  • Create effective staffing model & position descriptions for maximum patron & artist service at new non-profit arts center

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